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Four Items to Never Dump Into Your Garbage Disposal

Most homeowners probably don't spend too much time thinking about their food waste until it causes a problem, like smelly garbage, an overflowing refrigerator, or spills in the kitchen. These messes are easy to clean up, but when certain foods find their way into the garbage disposal, major plumbing issues can occur. It's okay to dump scraps and small amounts of leftovers into the disposal, but it's important not to confuse the garbage disposal with the garbage can. Learn which food items aren't safe to rinse down the drain.


Pets are known for getting into the garbage and wreaking havoc when their owners are away, so it's understandable that some homeowners prefer to avoid that mess altogether when chicken wings are involved. However, animal bones of any kind should never be forced down the garbage disposal. The blades are meant to grind up food, but the device isn't designed to grind handfuls of chicken bones at once.

Coffee Grounds

It may seem harmless, but the compacted, mushy heap left over after brewing coffee can cause a disaster in the kitchen if it finds its way down the sink. When rinsed down the drain, coffee grounds can create a sediment-like, sludgy mess that can back up the plumbing system.

Pasta and Rice

Bread, rice, and pasta expand when exposed to water, and these foods will only soak up more and more after being dumped down the disposal, leading to mushy clogs. Of course, it's nearly impossible to prevent every stray noodle, grain, or crumb from weaseling its way past the strainer, so homeowners should turn on the disposal for at least 30 seconds and run cold water afterward to flush the food down to minimize the risk of creating a congealed mess in the pipes beneath the sink. This same procedure can be used for all grains.

Oil and Grease

Cooking grease and other oils don't stay in their liquid form for long—fatty materials will coagulate, causing blockages that can't be alleviated by running the tap. After cooking, any leftover oil should be left to cool and thrown away in the garbage. Excess amounts of cooking oil can also be saved for later and reused in the kitchen.


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